VancatUK premium cat litter demo

How best to use the product?

  • Fill the litter box with 7cm of cat litter

  • Remove the clumps and solid waste daily

  • Always refill to 7cm

You will never need to empty the entire tray, as all the moisture and bacteria has been absorbed in the clump and then removed. When topping up your tray, be sure to give it a really good mix so no clumps are left behind.

Our Series

We use two different types of Calcium Bentonite, white and grey. You’ll see this reflected in our series, the white calcium bentonite = W180 and W225. Grey Calcium Bentonite = G160 and G180.

When it comes to scents, the white series come in a range of fragrances, but the grey series are unscented. The grey series (G160 and G180) also contain Activated Carbon, which is a key ingredient for odour retention and high absorption capacity.


All of our litters are safe and suitable for kittens. But as they may have young and sensitive paws, we tend to recommend the W180, G160 and G180 as these granule sizes are smaller.

Adult Cats

Our most popular series is the W225, this is suitable for cats of all ages. This litter has our largest granular size, and comes in the widest range of fragrances.

Smelly Adult Cats

We don’t mean to offend when calling your cat smelly! Older cats are known 

for having slightly smelly wee, so we 

tend to recommend the G160 and G180 for them. As not only is the Activated Carbon element excellent for retaining those odours, but it also has slightly 

finer granule sizes, perfect for their sensitive paws.

If you are a Breeder and you order litter in bulk, then our Breeders Programme might be for you. With multiple packages to choose from, you can receive some brilliant rewards, discounts and offers for yourself and your kitten packs. 

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