Increased Dust Content Terms & Conditions

At the beginning of February there was a fault with one of our suppliers production lines, as a result, there is one batch of litter which has increased dust content. As soon as this problem was spotted, production was immediately stopped from this line and only resumed when the issue had been solved. Our supplier is continuously investing in the production lines infrastructure, to avoid this happening again.

Our supplier has done a full investigation and confirmed the issue is resolved and has isolated the specific products which have been affected, the only issue with these products is the dust content, all other product features are of the usual high quality. 

The products affected by this production line are the W225 Baby Powder and W225 Unscented, listed here. These are the only products that have been affected, and are listed on a separate page of the website and kept in a separate area of our warehouse. All other products on our website are of our usual high quality, including our usual W225 Baby Powder and W225 Unscented which were from previous production batches and therefore uneffected. 

The reason we are selling these products for a discounted price is that the dust percentage is higher than what we advertise, therefore it wouldn’t be right to charge full price for this.

If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to email or DM us on Facebook.

These products are not suitable for customers or cats with asthma, please do not buy if the excess dust will be a problem for you or your cat.

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