Which series is for you?

Which series is for you?

You may have noticed that we have a few different series on our website, for most, this is a bit confusing, leaving a lot of our customers not knowing which litter will be best for their cats. So, we wanted to put together this handy guide to tell you about each of the litters, so you know exactly what litter will best suit your fur baby!

The Basics

We have 4 different series, to be honest they’re all quite similar to each other but have a few key differences. Let’s start with the basics, our litters are made from Calcium Bentonite. We use two different types of Calcium Bentonite, white and grey. You’ll see this reflected in our series, the white calcium bentonite = W180 and W225. Then the grey calcium bentonite = G160 and G180. It’s also good to note there are slight differences in granule sizes, so if your cat prefers finer granules, go for our finest series G160, but if your cat prefers slightly larger granules, try the W225.

When it comes to scents, the white series come in a range of fragrances, but the grey series are unscented. The grey series (G160 and G180) also contain Activated Carbon, which is a key ingredient for odour retention and high absorption capacity – this is why these series are recommended for smelly adult cats. With us so far?

What do we recommend?

For adult cats – Our most popular series is the W225, this is suitable for cats of all ages but is most commonly used for regular adult cats (with no health or age related problems). This litter has our largest granular size, and comes in the widest range of fragrances.

For smelly adult cats – We don’t mean to offend when calling your cat smelly! Older cats are known for having slightly smelly wee, so we tend to recommend the G160 and G180 for them. As not only is the Activated Carbon element excellent for retaining those odours, but it also has slightly finer granule sizes, perfect for their sensitive paws.

For kittens – All of our litters are safe and suitable for kittens. But as they may have young and sensitive paws, we tend to recommend the W180, G160 and G180 as these granule sizes are smaller. If you intend to use the W225 one day when your kitten is a little older, then we would recommend starting with your desired scent in the W180, this way they can get used to the fragrance and will be happy to transition when the time comes.

All of our litters are suitable and safe for cats of all ages, shapes and sizes, the above is just our recommendations

Still don’t know what to order?

We understand that this might all seem quite confusing, if you still don’t know which litter will be right for you and you have more questions just give us a shout. You can email info@vancatuk.com or pop us a message on Facebook.