VanCatUK Programmes

If you’re a multi-cat household or you’re a breeder, chances are you go through an awful lot of litter! This is the reason we introduced our programmes, we have a Breeders programme not only for breeders but for catteries, rescue centres or any business that takes in a lot of kittys! And we also have customer bulk buy too, not everyone knows we offer these, so we thought we’d write a quick blog explaining them all!

The Breeders Programme

Not only does the breeders programme offer some great discounts on bulk orders, but it also has brilliant rewards for both you and your kitten packs (if you do those!) From discount codes to free products, there are so many reasons to join this programme, even if you are a hobby breeder and only have one litter per year. It’s so easy to apply and one of our team will be in touch with more information and next steps, below are some of the most asked questions to give you more insight.


Where do I order?

  • We have a separate website, called ‘The Breeders Area’ you will be given log in details when you join.

What is the minimum order size?

  • The smallest order you can make is 40kg.

What do the different packages mean?

  • There are 5 packages in the programme, package 1 is the smallest and the quantities and discount % increases by package.

Is it a recurring order?

  • No, each time you want to make an order you just have to fill out the form on the breeders area, you’ll receive an invoice and once payment is received your order gets shipped

Do I have to be a Breeder to join?

  • Yes, you either need to be a registered breeder, or can provide proof that you are an active business, either by your website or social media pages.  

Do I have to feature on the Breeders map?

  • We have an interactive Breeders map on our website listing all the Breeders we are working with, this is optional and you can opt out of being featured. 

How frequently do I have to order?

  • As often as you need litter, if your account is left dormant for 12 months then we will close it down, but you can easily reapply if you want to rejoin. 

Customer Bulk Buy

The reason we created this programme was for our customers who have multiple cats but are not hobby breeders or a business, but are ordering a lot of litter. So, you can benefit from some great discounts, so long as you have somewhere to store your order! 


What is the minimum order amount?

  • The minimum order size for this programme is 120KG, though it is dependent on your post code

What discounts are available?

  • All customers who are on the customer bulk programme will receive 5% off all orders. 

Who ships the orders?

  • Depending on postcode, orders between 120KG and 150KG can be sent via either DPD or PalletForce. All orders over 150KG are sent by PalletForce.