Things to buy for your new kitten

Bringing a new kitten into your home is such an exciting time, whether you’ve had cats before or this is your first time it’s important to remember that every cat is different but preparation is key. We often have customers reaching out to us asking for advice for their new kittens, though we don’t claim to be professionals we do have some tricks of the trade to share with you for integrating your new family member!

First thing is to make sure there is a safe space in your home to keep your kitten for the first week or so. Your home will be a big and scary new world for your kitten, so it’s a good idea to keep them in one room for the first week or so, so they can suss out their surroundings without feeling too overwhelmed. Usually a lounge, or kitchen lends itself nicely to this, so long as it’s warm and there’s little to no draught. It will be clear when your kitten is feeling confident enough to venture out to the rest of your home. 

Next, it’s important to have lots of things to stimulate your kitten. Kittens are very inquisitive and playful, by playing and interacting with them it not only keeps them entertained but it also helps to build the bond between you. The more you play with and interact with your kitten, the less likely they’ll be to turn to biting or misbehaving to gain your attention. 

It’s tempting to spend lots of money on new accessories for your kitten, but there are only a few things you really need for the beginning, the rest you can buy over time. Anyway, knowing cats you can spend a fortune on toys for them, but they’ll always prefer playing in the Amazon cardboard delivery box!

These are the things worth investing in in the early days (in our opinion!):

Water and food bowls – kittens are very energetic, so it’s a good idea to buy bowls that won’t slip or be knocked over easily! Stainless steel or ceramic bowls are your best bet, clean them daily to make sure the water is always fresh. 

Litter box & litter – whether your kitten is going to be a house cat or will go outdoors eventually, they will need a litter box when they’re little. We would advise buying a tray with a lid to it, cats are known for playing and digging around in their tray, so trays with lids can minimise the mess! We have certain series that we recommend for kittens, if you have any questions about this specifically, pop us a message on Facebook or an email. 

Scratching Post – Cats will want to be able to scratch something, to have a proper stretch and to file down their claws. If you want to avoid your kitten scratching your sofa legs or door frame, then invest in a scratching post from day one and train them to scratch on it. You can do this by holding treats a little way up the post and encouraging them to reach up to get them. 

Bed – your cat will properly choose where they want to sleep, but it’s a good idea to have an option that is dedicated to them (rather than the sofa!). You can buy some lovely, reasonably priced beds that will last for years. Kittens tend to love beds with a hood, or a dip in the middle so they can curl up and feel protected. This also will keep them warmer as it will trap the heat with them. 

Insurance & Vets – hopefully you will never have to use your insurance, but either way it is very important to have it. Whether your cat has an accident, or gets into a fight with the neighbours cat and is left with an injury vet bills can mount up very quickly, especially if long term medication is required. We would recommend researching insurance companies, also chat to your breeder and see if they have any companies they recommend. It’s also good to get registered with a Vet sooner rather than later, so you’ll be on their system and can book in easily for your kittens’ jabs and treatments. Some vets even offer monthly plans, where their vaccinations, flea treatment and frequent check ups are included, so shop around! 

There really is no right or wrong way to raise a kitten, everyone will have their own journey. So long as you give them plenty of love, attention and patience you will be left with a friend for life.