We are so excited to announce that we have a new subscription service available on our website. After years of our customers asking, we are over the moon we can FINALLY share the news!  

The brand-new subscription service will allow you to set up automated repeat orders based on how much litter your cat uses, and what’s better – it’s free to sign up and you can pause or cancel at any time. 

If you’re reading this, that means the service is now live on our website! We’ve answered some FAQs below, but if you still have questions, please pop us a message in the usual ways.  

How does it work?

Depending on what litter you like to use, we have a recommended usage per cat. So, all you need to do is select the litter you’d like to set up on subscription, and you’ll be given repeat order timeframes (based on the recommended usage) to choose from. Simple as that!  

I want to order at a different rate than the options I’m provided. 

We have tried to offer as many options as possible but unfortunately, we can only offer this service based on our recommended usage rates, we are not yet able to offer ‘custom subscription’ packages – but we hope to provide these in the future.

I want to have a different scented litter each time, is this possible? 

Whatever litter you choose when you initially sign up to the service, is the litter you will receive each time. But if you want to change at any point – you simply need to cancel your subscription and start a new one.  

Is there a contract involved? Am I locked in for a certain time frame?  

There is no contract, you can pause or cancel at any time.  

What frequency should I select? 

There are 5 different time frames you can choose from; they are as follows: 

2 weeks 
1 month 
6 weeks 
2 months 
3 months 

Although you can choose a frequency that works for you, to make life a little easier – we have some recommendations:

You will need approximately 5-10kg for the initial fill of each tray, thereafter the rule of thumb is approximately 5kg per month per cat for the top up.

W180 & G160

3 boxes, every 2 month (Ideal for 1 cat) 
4 boxes, every 2 month (Ideal for 2 cats)

W225 & G180 10KG/8.5KG

2 bags, every 3 months (Ideal for 1 cat) 
4 bags, every 3 months (Ideal for 2 cats) 

W225 15KG 

1 bag, every 2 months (Ideal for 1 cat) 
2 bags, every 2 months (Ideal for 2 cats)

W225 20KG

1 bag, every 3 months (Ideal for 1 cat) 
2 bags, every 3 months (Ideal for 2 cats)