Most Popular Cat Toys of 2021

It’s no secret that cats love playing, they’re explorative and energetic and need entertaining or else they’ll make their own entertainment! There’s nothing cuter than a fluffy cat rolling around with their favourite plaything, not only does it bring your kitty joy but it also strengthens the bond between you.

Cat toys have many great benefits, as well as bringing joy to your furry friends it also can improve their health, keeping them active and running around the house, which in turn can help them live longer and keep chronic health conditions at bay. Play can also keep them mentally sharp, keeping their natural predator instincts intact.

We’ve scoured the internet looking for the best cat toys in 2021 for the best value, if you have any further recommendations then pop us a message and we’ll add them to the list!

Cat Toy Starter Pack
Amazon £13.99

Your cat will love this starter pack, it has everything they’ll need for fun around the house. A tunnel for hiding, feathers for dangling and rattle mice for chasing!

Electric Flutter Rotating Cat Teaser
Amazon £29.99

If your cat loves to chase feathers, or anything that moves then they’ll love this! It’s automatic, keeping your kitty entertained for hours without you getting arm ache

Refillable Catnip Toy
Amazon £7.99

Cats love catnip, it makes them happy and excited! These refillable catnip toys will make a great accompaniment for your kitty, it’s made from natural cotton and is also bite and scratch resistant.

Electric Moving Interactive Fish Toy
Amazon £23.99

This realistic moving fish will keep your cat entertained for hours, every time it senses being touched or kicked it starts flipping around. It comes with a USB cable for easy recharging and a pouch of catnip to make it irresistible.

Automatic Laser Cat Toy
Amazon £22.99

Many cats love chasing lasers, this clever toy even turns itself off after 15 minutes to avoid your cat getting over stimulated too! 

Colourful Spring Toys
Colourful Springs Wide 10PK
Amazon £7.59

Cats love these colourful springs, as they bounce along the floor when you throw them.