Kitten Training Tips

Getting a new kitten is such an exciting time for any family, though kittens require much less training than a new puppy there are still some things that you should be aware of. With that being said, here are some of our top tips for training your new kitten.

Where should the kitten sleep at night?

As tempting as it is to scoop your new kitten up and cuddle them in your bed all night, this is actually quite dangerous. As your kitten is so small they can easily get caught up in the sheets or worse, caught under you as you’re shuffling in the night. It is best to let your kitten sleep somewhere that is secure, draught free and warm so they can feel cozy and secure. If you would rather have them in your room then why not put a soft blanket in a shoe box or a small bed for them to snuggle up in by yours.

How to stop them biting 

As your kitten grows they will become more inquisitive and one thing they will be discovering is their mouth, their teeth and their claws! It’s normal for your kitten to be a bit nippy in the first few months whilst their teeth are growing, there are loads of things you can do to deter them from biting. The main thing is distraction and play, if they get a bit too rough and playful then distract them with a toy, they could chase or play with to discourage them from you being the toy! Kittens are bundles of energy, so lots of play time is essential to tire them out but also to build and develop your bond with them. Check out one of our previous blogs about the best kitty toys on the market. 

What to feed them

Quite often the breeder you get your kitten from will recommend a certain food, this will probably be the food they have been feeding the kittens. If you would like to choose what you feed your kitten then there is loads of information and recommendations online, we don’t want to give nutritional food advice but have found these websites to be really insightful and helpful: 

Should you let them outside?

It’s completely up to you whether you want your cat to live their life indoors or outdoors, there are benefits and drawbacks to both. The main thing you should consider if you are planning on letting your cat outside is that they really should be spayed or neutered first, to avoid any unwanted litters of kittens – not only would this be a shock but it is also dangerous for a young cat to be pregnant when their bodies haven’t fully developed. 

The number of stray cats in the UK has rapidly increased in recent years, leading to shelters and rescue centres being full to the brim. One reason for this is cats not being fixed when they should be, leading to unforeseen pregnancies and owners being forced to give them up or abandon them. There’s loads of helpful tips for neutering and spaying in the UK here.

Having a new kitten is a really exciting time, they are loving, playful and guaranteed to fill your home with fun! The most important thing is to give them time and attention, the rest will be easy if their fundamentals are met. Keep us posted how you get on 😻