DPD’s Clean Green Delivery

As most of you will know, recently we switched our third partner delivery company to DPD and oh boy are we glad we did! Not only are they providing a more reliable service for our customers but they also are making brilliant strides in sustainability and making for greener delivery in the UK. 

Our team attended DPD’s Go Green event this week and these are some of the brilliant initiatives they learnt about!  

All Electric Fleet

As we all know, Diesel is one of the biggest contributors to carbon emissions in the world, many see electric cars as the future of motor vehicles as they require a more sustainable power source. DPD have made a commitment to increase their fleet of 700 electric delivery vans to 1,700 by the end of 2021. Meaning your delivery of cat litter will arrive to you in an electric rechargeable vehicle, equalling less carbon emissions – hurrah! 

Emission Free Cities

DPD wants to deliver emission free in cities, by creating a network of all-electric micro-depots, making the all-electric vehicles closer to customers. Still offering their excellent next day delivery in a cleaner, quieter and more sustainable way.

DPD are really leading the charge in sustainable delivery and we’re proud to be working with them, if you’d like to read more about their green efforts, check out their website – https://green.dpd.co.uk/