Our parent company BENTAŞ BENTONIT A.Ş. was established in 2007 and started creating clumping cat litter from white bentonite reserves in Ordu-Ünye-Fatsa, Turkey, where they’re based. They export cat litter to 50 countries in the world.

BENTAŞ BENTONIT A.Ş. dominate more than 80% of the Turkish cat litter market. They have almost 30 large wholesalers or business partners throughout the country and today, VANCAT brand is sold in 39 countries.

Quality Control

All our different products have strong clumping, excellent odour retaining properties and low dust levels. Our Research and Development laboratory works on improving the efficiency of products constantly and looking for development opportunities for new products. Our quality control department checks production all the time and guarantees its compliance with required quality parameters and production at a high quality level.

We test the weight and fragility of clumps formed, based on the liquid absorbed by the litter. The target is to reach a maximum of 50g of clump weight with a liquid absorption of 20ml, our cat litter is between 45g and 47g.

All of the VanCat series are produced in 5 different granule sizes, they are continuously tested for the protection of standards. Ensuring a consistent and reliable product for cats and owners alike.

What is Calcium Bentonite?

Calcium Bentonite is a clay and has the capacity to absorb water up to 4 – 5 times its volume. Which is better than its counterpart sodium bentonite in this respect and also in odour retention. Our parent company, BENTAŞ BENTONIT A.Ş. has an area of about 6000 hectares in Turkey where they mine white bentonite. With reserves in those areas of approximately 10 million tons, spanning over 5 mines in various locations.

The Bentonite that is mined is intensely white colored in this region, the major cause is that it is free of heavy metals inside. Thus, the cat litter we produce from white bentonite, which is more natural, is the highest quality cat litter in the world.

We respect the generosity of nature, in that we rehabilitate the mines that we extract from as an open enterprise in compliance with the laws and make it ready again for hazelnut or forestry plantation.