Our Story

Here at VanCatUK we know how important your cats are to you and how they deserve the best! We are a passionate family business, dedicated to providing our customers with excellent service and an even better product for their furry friends.

Our litters are made from 100% natural and environmentally friendly Calcium Bentonite, which offers superior odour retention, clumping capacity and longevity than other litters. Making VanCatUK litters premium quality, at an affordable price.

Not only are we passionate about cats, but we care about their human pawrents too! With over 50 years worth of customer service experience, VanCatUK allows you to stress less with less mess, what could be better?

Our Litter

Calcium Bentonite is quite an incredible substance, not only can it absorb up to 4-5 times its volume in liquid, but it also has higher odour retention than it’s sister substance, sodium bentonite.

It comes in a couple of variations, White Calcium Bentonite and Grey, you’ll see these reflected in our 4 different series (W180, W225 and G160, G225). The litters are 100% natural, with no added chemicals and infused with natural fragrances to give a subtle scent.

If you want to learn more about the magic of Calcium Bentonite, where it comes from and our parent company, please click here.