We respect the generosity of nature

  • We have 45 million tons of reserves in 7 different mines.
  • Daily production of 375 tons.
  • 2,250 analyses in 24 hours.
  • 5 different granule sizes.
  • 100% natural.
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Dear VanCatUK Customers

With COVID-19 affecting communities and families around the world, this is a difficult time for all of us. As VanCatUK remains open for business, our top priority is the safety of our team, customers and third party partners. We have implemented safety protocols that protect the health of our employees and reduce the risk of virus introduction or spread. Administrative staff including Sales, Customer Service & Marketing are required to work from home (so please forgive the occasional dog barking or child playing in the background). Our third party delivery partner DHL, is experiencing a high volume of orders and are also working with a reduced workforce. Likewise, our shipments from overseas are also subject to delays. So please expect a slight delay to your orders, which would not be the usual case.

Please continue to reach out with any questions you may have – info@vancatuk.com. We will continue to monitor this situation, provide updates, and do everything possible to make sure things still run smoothly, but we appreciate your patience during this time.

With Love,

The VanCatUK Team.

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VanCat W225 Series

VanCat W225 Lavender Scented

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Cats Favourite

We provide a much more hygienic and comfortable environment both to our furry friends & their owners. With the World Branding Forum awarding VanCat Brand of the Year 2019 in ‘Pet Cleaning & Sanitation’.

What's the perfect series for you?

Strong & Fast Clumping

Our litters, which are produced from the world’s best quality calcium bentonite have the capacity to absorb liquid up to 4-5 times its volume. Available in super and ultra-clumping.

High Odour Control

Our litters are extremely high in odour control, with the detaining level being well above 50%.

100% Natural

Made from 100% natural, environmentally friendly & biodegradable calcium bentonite. We use organic and natural substances even in the additives used for the diversification of our litters.

No Dust!?

Our dust level is lower than 0.5% that is much lower than any other litter available on the market.

Our Series

We have 4 series to choose from – G160, G180, W180, W225. Which include, super and ultra-clumping, scented and non-scented, activated carbon and clinical.